I'm an image maker based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Agent: Hero Creative Management, 

+27 21 4622615, booker@herocreative.co.za

For any local or international photography enquiries or just to say hello, please  > contact <  me. hello@svenkristian.com

CLIENTS INCLUDE (in no particular order):

COMMERCIAL WORK: DUNNS, Geometry Cape Town, Ogilvy Berlin, Gloo Cape Town, Metropolitan, Radar Advertising, Visa, Coal Collection, Native VML, Jameson Indie Channel, Volkswagen, Khuluma Magazine, Picasso headlines, NBC Universal, Patrick Mavros, Whirlpool, Giant Films, Bamboo Revolution, Avon - Justine, Discovery Health, Masters and Savant, Gaia Infrastructure, Yeti Cool Panels, Bena Loungeware, Tafelberg Publishers, Iziko Museum, Taalgenoot Magazine, Phenomena, Angle Orange, Taxi Violence, Zoax, Reburn

EDITORIAL FEATURES: Elle Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Volant Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, Risk Magazine, Just Magazine, Bullett Magazine, Superior Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Institute Magazine, Sticks and Stones, C-Heads, HUF Magazine, Chasseur Magazine, Lucy's Magazine 

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